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Why Choose Gap Insurance from Us?

GAP Cover Insurance is both marketed and administered by Warranty Direct. You deal directly with us and there is no other agent or dealer selling the product and taking a commission.

Warranty Direct has been a provider of industry leading warranties since 1997 and we have a dedicated UK based call centre and administration facility which also supports GAP Cover Insurance.

The GAP Cover Insurance options have been designed to be flexible to meet your specific requirements whether you have a brand new car, a slightly older car that you have owned from new, a used car bought from a dealer, or even a car that you bought privately some time ago. There is also a wide choice of claim limits available.

Our in-house Claims Department will, if a claim should arise, deal with it for you ensuring the service you receive is prompt and efficient and that you don’t have to deal with any third party claims handling company.

We can also supply you with a warranty for your car, if your manufacturer’s or dealer warranty is about to expire, or even if you require warranty cover for a privately bought car.

Don’t buy expensive GAP insurance elsewhere buy it separately and buy it direct from us! Get a Quote